Company Beginnings

Established in 2002 (initially known as Slithery Someones ©), Coily Companions has become known around the world for creating plush friends for kids of all ages. Initially starting off as a supplier of snake plush toys for zoo gift shops across the world, we have shifted to a platform where just about anybody could make their very own plush friend through a few simple clicks!

Our Founder

Sam Hurstin started out as a simple zoo keeper. Often, she was asked to tend to the post that was the zoo gift shop. It was there that she realized her true calling, seeing children's happy faces as they brought their favorite reptile plushies up to the front, eager to have their parents purchase their new best friend.

She initially started the company as a way to allow children to make their own slithery someone (hence the first name the company had). However, once she realized that she could extend her reach past simply selling plushies at zoos, she changed the company name to Coily Companions and went global. Now, anyone can make their very own special reptilian buddy!